BioWallet Signature – encrypt & secure passwords, contacts, files & more on your Android

BioWallet Signature App

BioWallet Signature is a smart security application that keeps your sensitive data safe. Like other encryption apps, it lets you protect sensitive data (like passwords, bank details, and credit card numbers). Unlike similar apps, however, BioWallet will let you use your own signature to encrypt the data!

BioWallet Signature is free to download from the Amazon Appstore. You can also download the APK file from here.

What We Like

  • Easy to use digital wallet app!
  • Strong encryption!
  • Supports lots of different data types!
  • Secondary authentication!

What We Don’t Like

  • Really tricky writing your signature on a touchscreen.
  • If you get frustrated with the signature recognition and use the password, it loses its unique value then becomes just like every other smart wallet app.

BioWallet Signature lets you hide all your important information behind an app that will require your signature to log in. You can add and encrypt all manner of data, including; applications, bank accounts, contacts, credit cards, documents, Internet banking details, email, notes, usernames & passwords, plus website access. Simply select a record type, enter the secure information, add files if required and, from then on, that data is secure behind your signature authentication.


The app is really easy to use… well, perhaps except for setting the signature up. The thing is, especially on smartphones, the touchscreen really isn’t a great interface for handwriting. Even with games like Draw Something, pictures are relatively poor, and writing isn’t ever going to really represent your actual handwriting and signature. The app has you repeat your signature 6 times and, if it detects one doesn’t match the others you have to do them again. I started with my full name as my signature and spent some time in the training mode trying to get it right. However, it took very many attempts and the reduction of my signature down to just my initials before it started working for me. I would suggest then that, if you use the app for the signature authentication, you use a stylus of some kind to improve accuracy.

That aside, the app is very easy to use. Creating new data sets are simple, as is searching for them and attaching files- such as documents. It can pretty much secure anything you need it to- from Internet passwords to credit card numbers. There are also some great formats which mimic things like credit cards. Being attached to loads of social networks, websites and more, it’s a great place to save all your info should your memory fail you (it happens to the best of us).

If you just can’t replicate your signature to the apps satisfaction, you can still access your info via a secondary password authentication. This is handy of course, but kind of defeats the novelty of the app. How many times do you think you’ll try scribing your signature before you think it’s not worth the bother- and just enter your password? Signature detection is rightly scrupulous, but if it keeps the legitimate user out for longer than he/she can put up with, what’s the point?

I do still genuinely like the concept behind Biowallet Signature, and would certainly encourage people to try it out (it could just be I had bad luck with writing my signature and others might be more successful).

Why You Need BioWallet Signature

The app is great for preserving and securing sensitive information; from Internet banking passwords to files on your device. Then you can unlock these by writing your signature (or entering a password). Also, if you’re prone to forget passwords and the like, this is a great app which will remind you, yet keep the info secure at the same time.

The whole app is incredibly easy to use and intuitive- except for the signature detection itself, which is very strict. On one hand this is a good thing, on the other it can be frustrating if you can’t replicate your signature to the accuracy it demands.

Should You Use an Encryption App?

This very much depends on the user and what kind of information they enter… and perhaps even how good the user’s memory is! It could also depend on how often you need access to certain files. The app is certainly stable and simple to use, so easily something you can use regularly.

The interface is smooth and comes with two different themes. While these do not make any difference to the functionality, it does at least allow for some customisation. The app is simple to navigate and, while there are better looking apps out there, BioWallet Signature looks professional and sleek.


I’d definitely recommend downloading and trying it out for yourself. While you might not need to keep sensitive information on your device, anything you might need to keep secure can be encrypted behind the app. Obviously, if you were to get your device stolen, this kind of app would keep any important information safe. BioWallet Signature is free, and definitely worth trying out.